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Garden Shores Testimonials

Reflections from our guests include:

"Thank you so much.  Garden Shores was great.  We'll be returning...The beds were so comfortable" -D.T.


Also, "We really enjoyed our stay.  The house was clean and comfortable :-). Neighbors were quiet and respectful.  Beach is awesome...Thanks for letting us stay in  your home.  Sue is awesome!" T.O.


And, -"Our first time here - very quiet and relaxing.  The walk through the dunes to the beach is beautiful!  Don't think I'll ever be able to stay in a hotel again.  Your home is absolutely adorable...Thank you again for the use of your home.  We look forward to coming again." M&R


Also, "First vacation in years!  The house is cozy, has everything we need.  The beach is beautiful...Maybe we'll take another (walk) to the beach tonight, have to leave first thing in the morning and promise we'll be back!  Thanks for the wonderful weekend!  This was a much needed break...We had a lovely getaway." J&T


Also, -"We are so pleased with (Garden Shores); this is a HOME with a personality, not a generic, souless building to sleep in. We loved that the furniture & decor was cozy and homey and it was very clean... This was a great experience for a first family vacation, we will certainly be back!"L&P

And finally, -"Thank you very much for the quiet, fun and relaxing time! We "ooohed" and "Geez!" and "Oh my gosh! It is perfect!" upon first coming through the door!...We have been coming up to this area since 1973 and finally have found a clean, beautiful, quiet place to stay!...S&G